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App Lock Fingerprint - Hide Apps, Hide Pictures

App Lock Fingerprint - Hide Apps, Hide Pictures
Monday, 3 August 2020

App Lock Fingerprint Pro lets you quickly hide your apps, lock and hide your photos and videos (photo gallery), phone contacts, SMS messages, emails with a private password, pattern lock or fingerprint. AppLock Fingerprint is the ultimate app locker to protect your privacy, secure your apps from snoops, and hide private couple photos from family.

App Lock Fingerprint lets you lock individual apps to prevent unauthorized access. Anyone who wants to open Facebook, WhatsApp, photo galleries, SMS messages, emails from your email app, must have your private password, pattern key or fingerprint to unlock the apps. Not only are your apps locked, but you can also find out who tried to gain access when an incorrect password is entered!

★ Highlights of App Lock Fingerprint ★

✔️ Privacy Lock:
     ■ Lock multiple apps with the help of a password, pin or fingerprint
     ■ Set to automatically lock apps or unlock apps depending on the time of day

✔️ Intruder's Track:
     ■ Capture photo of intruder when login fails on incorrect password attempts
     ■ Record data with date-time and location of intruder

✔️ Lock Toggles: Lock Toggle switches for the following:
     ■ WI-FI
     ■ Bluetooth
     ■ Mobile Data

✔️ Advance Security:
     ■ Automatically scan and secure new apps when added
     ■ Randomized keyboard ensures no one can copy your PIN
     ■ Invisible lock screen pattern to protect from the prying eyes

✔️ Miscellaneous:
     ■ Lock contacts, incoming calls, SMS messages, and system settings
     ■ Secure Google Play Store to prevent unauthorized purchases
     ■ Prevent unauthorized access and uninstalls from nosey friends or kids.

App Lock Fingerprint is the most powerful app locker for your apps, contacts, SMS, e-mails, photo galleries, call histories and more. Best of all Applock Fingerprint is free for your android device. We hope you will feel Applock Fingerprint is the best way to ensure privacy on your device. It’s easy to use and packed with features, the perfect solution for anyone who wants to keep their photos, messages and apps hidden from prying eyes. Start protecting your privacy and start locking your apps in 2018. What are you waiting for download the best app lock for your android device today!

App Lock Fingerprint - Hide Apps, Hide Pictures

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