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Date in Status Bar Android

Date in Status Bar Android
Thursday, 2 January 2020

Small app to show the current date as a notification in the status bar No ads

Small app to show the current date as a notification in the status bar
No ads

 -  create your own icons
    choose text, font, color and size
    Requires Android version 6 Marshmallow (or above)

 - option to hide the notifications from lock screen.
   NOTE - Android 6 Marshmallow also offers this feature through Application Manager.
 - languages: Built in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Deutsch
   Support for device language
 - colors: blue, green and white icons
 - day of the week display (sun, mon, ...)
 - format settings: you can choose how to display the date

Full Guide Video in Hindi

How to Download App | Mera Website Se Apps kaise Download kare | Full Guide Video

Download App from Here

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